Neal Medical Case Management

Neal Case Management provides medical case management to ensure appropriate medical care of the injured worker with more than 20 years of medical and vocational Neal Medical Case Management case management experience. Vocational management services are also provided with emphasis on return to work. Neal Case Management provides services that include those with orthopedic and neurosurgical injuries, burns, multiple trauma, and psychological cases. Neal Case Management is a customer driven, cost effective medical management business that maximizes the recovery process with an emphasis on quality proactive work. Neal Case Management works as a facilitator and coordinator with all parties, creating a team effort to provide a positive outcome in the recovery process and early return to work.

Neal Case Management offers more than two decades of experience, quality references from adjusters and employers, and National Certification (CCM, CRC, CVE), all of which ensure the best coordinated efforts in the management of the injured worker. For quality medical case management services, choose us!


Medical Case Management Services

Neal Case Medical and Vocational  Management"First and foremost, Neal Case Management follows and meets the specific instructions of our clients. We objectively perform assessments, actively plan and manage services and care, conduct research, analyze data, and keep all involved parties informed with up-to-date medical and return to work information. We use a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates all involved parties in the promotion of quality, cost-effective health care management. We can assist with provision of medical services and referral to appropriate ancillary services."

Neal Case Management Services specializes in working with orthopedic and neurologoical injuries (with special emphasis on acute care and emergency injured individuals). Additionally, our experience includes traumatic brain injuries, multiple trauma, spinal cord injuries, and burns of injured workers. Neal Medical Case Management proudly serves, Tennessee, North Carolina & Southwest Virginia.